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Decades of racist city policies pushed polluters to the Southeast Side, residents say — and feds should investigate

How native orchids grow in Lake County Forest Preserves

Illinois EPA and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign introduce new curriculum unit for fifth-sixth grade educators

General Iron seeks city approval to reopen as activists urge shutdown to continue through COVID-19 pandemic

Sand dredged from Waukegan Harbor to be used to replenish four area beaches

General Iron closer to fully reopening in Lincoln Park

As Lake Michigan waters rise, erosion poses an existential threat to North Shore towns and homeowners

City unveils environmental ‘reform agenda’ as East Side neighbors continue to fight General Iron’s plans

Lakefront dump site set for decades-long expansion, despite pleas from Southeast Siders already ‘overwhelmed with pollution’

Proposed Bridgeport logistics facility angers residents worried about traffic, pollution, safety