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Mayor's Office

For Lightfoot, the toughest part of the job comes now

Lightfoot urges pension changes, calls 3 percent COLA 'unsustainable'

Watch Lori Lightfoot’s sit-down with the Sun-Times Editorial Board

Lightfoot: ‘Can’t keep taxing the hell’ out of substantial earners, but aide vows she still supports graduated income tax

Mayor Lightfoot still fuming over feud with ‘Madame President’

Watch Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s meeting with the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board on the city’s budget deficit

What to know about Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s ‘State of the City’ speech and Chicago’s $838 million budget deficit.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot faces tough choices in tackling budget deficit up to $1 billion; ‘It’s a doable lift, it’s just not going to be politically easy’

How to watch Lori Lightfoot's state of the city address live

Chicago mayor, police superintendent announce new plan to track gun offenders