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Mayor's Office

Mayor Lori Lightfoot warns against misinformation about so-called cures during COVID-19 pandemic: ‘Be careful. There’s no cure for coronavirus’

Lightfoot, suburban mayors raise red flags about releasing jail detainees over COVID-19

Mayor Lori Lightfoot says Chicago’s ‘stepping up’ without federal help amid coronavirus pandemic

Lightfoot: Chicago to use empty hotel rooms for ‘isolation and quarantine spaces’

‘Chicago, we need to love each other with all our hearts’: Lightfoot

Lightfoot: City finances 'well situated' to weather coronavirus storm

Lightfoot to deliver live, televised address on city response to coronavirus

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot suspends ticketing for non-public safety issues, also suspends late fees on payment plans

Lightfoot to suspend ‘non-essential’ city services; cancels City Council meeting, limits City Hall access

Coach houses, ‘granny flats’ part of Lightfoot’s housing solution