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Mayor to direct extra TIF money to CPS, but for existing contract offer only

Striking CPS workers converge downtown

Chicago Teachers Union plans to head back to picket lines Thursday — and to offer civil disobedience training to ‘ratchet up the pressure’

Chicago teachers who don't want to be on strike have options

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren visits as union strike cancels school for fourth day. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot says, ‘People are going to come in to catch a moment, and then they’re going to leave.'

What are CPS and the CTU fighting over?

Teachers union makes plans to strike through Thursday — and possibly next week

Chicago Board of Education meeting postponed as CTU strike continues

Several central Illinois teachers honored by governor, ISBE

LIVE UPDATES: When will teachers return to classrooms? ‘It’s actually up to the mayor,’ union says