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City Council

Loud music from boats would be outlawed in Lake Michigan’s ‘Playpen’ and on Chicago River under proposed ordinance

Council member wants to deny valet license renewals to Chicago bars

City Council committee chairs used their budgets to boost spending in their wards: watchdog

Make City Council staffers punch a time clock: inspector general

City Council members rail about problem buildings and businesses who escape penalties: ‘Continuance after continuance’

A Chicago alderwoman now wants the park district CEO out over lifeguard abuse

Aldermen are not subject to city worker vaccine mandate — and some are skipping the shots

Aldermen urge mayor Lori Lightfoot’s administration to act fast on homelessness: ‘we’re in the middle of a crisis’

Only 7 Aldermen offer parking permits in their ward offices, but the convenient service is a headache, they warn

Chicago aldermen question mayor’s plan to raise property taxes, rely on federal COVID-19 aid in new budget