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Committee on Public Safety

Stiff penalties in school safety zones expanded to parks by committee

Proposal to allow guns sales in Chicago gets a hearing today

Crime stats called into question by council progressives

City Council, Illinois US senators wage dispute on Eliot Ness legacy

Acknowledging that “it’s not the most important thing that we’re going to talk about,” Alderman Ed Burke (14th) lead the charge Friday for a City Council resolution opposing a federal plan to name a building after Eliot Ness.

The City Council Committee on Public Safety adopted a resolution opposing a federal measure sponsored by Sens. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) to name the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms headquarters in Washington, D.C. after Ness.

Public Safety Committee OKs funeral procession measure, historic firearms in museums

Drivers who behave recklessly in a funeral procession could face hundreds of dollars in fines or impoundment of their vehicle under an ordinance approved by the City Council Committee on Public Safety on Thursday.

Chicago aldermen recommend repealing city gun registry

Measures strengthening assault weapons ban, hiking fines for gun possession near schools advance to City Council

A Chicago City Council committee passed by voice vote on Tuesday two gun control measures introduced by Mayor Rahm Emanuel despite several aldermen’s contentions that the proposed penalty for possessing an assault weapon is too lax. A National Rifle Association lobbyist, meanwhile, testified that ordinances would be vulnerable to legal challenges.

Aldermen hold hearing on preventing human trafficking

The City Council Committees on Human Relations and Public Safety held a joint hearing on Wednesday to address concerns about the rising incidence of human trafficking in Chicago and to call attention to measures designed to prevent the practice.

Current law concerning human trafficking defines the victims as children involved in sex trade, adults age 18 or above who are forced or deceived into commercial sex acts and anyone forced into any form of labor or services.

Influential alderman embraces allowing 18-year-olds to take Chicago Police exam

Special Report: If Marconi closes, students will have to walk past drug dealers on way to Tilton