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RTA Board divided on CTA budget resolution

The Regional Transportation Authority Board rejected on Wednesday a resolution stating that the Chicago Transit Authority is “not substantially in accordance” with its 2013 budget.

Anthony Anderson, an RTA Board member representing Chicago, took issue with CTA getting formally rebuked by its parent agency as not being in “substantial” accordance.

“Substantial? I’m not even sure how that’s defined,” Anderson stated. “To say they are not in accordance, I just struggle big time with that.”

In Clifford fallout, RTA wants Metra to look again at liability policy

The Regional Transportation Authority Board approved a resolution on Wednesday that “urges Metra to conduct a thorough examination of its insurance policy” related to employee severance agreements. The resolution follows an explosive RTA audit finding that an employee insurance policy possibly would have covered the cost of any legal action by former Metra head Alex Clifford.

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