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Regional Transportation Authority

RTA to investigate Metra CEO severance package; Board briefed on Ventra system implementation

At the start of Wednesday’s Regional Transportation Authority monthly board meeting RTA Chairman John Gates said that RTA staff will look into the severance package given to former Metra CEO Alex Clifford.

“Our staff will be looking into the approval of that,” Gates said. “It is certainly the purview of Metra to hire and fire who they please. However, the responsible use of taxpayer assets and the financial oversight and audit of the service boards is something that we’ll be looking into on this particular issue.”

RTA opens probe into big Metra settlement with its ex-CEO

RTA tweaks rules on competitive bidding

The Regional Transportation Authority has increased the limit on the size of contracts it can award without a competitive process, a measure that mirrors a pending amendment to state law.

The ordinance, passed by the RTA board on Wednesday, increases the maximum threshold for procuring goods and services without an open bidding process from $10,000 to $40,000, updating a limit that was set decades ago.

Outside firm will audit fairness of RTA funding

The Regional Transportation Authority board voted 10-4 on Wednesday to approve a contract with an outside consulting firm that will evaluate whether RTA fairly distributes funds between city and suburban service agencies.

House wants to cut perks for CTA board, others

RTA sues Kankakee over disclosure of tax deals

RTA to roll out Ventra cards for reduced fare customers

The Regional Transportation Authority board entered into an agreement with the Chicago Transit Authority today to mail new reduced fare cards for seniors and people with disabilities when CTA rolls out its Ventra fare card system. CTA has said that riders will begin to use the Ventra cards this summer