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Regional Transportation Authority

Fixing the Metra mess likely means thinking big

Gov. Quinn wants expert panel to give lawmakers Metra/RTA overhaul plan by Oct. 22

Another transit mess as RTA member resigns under fire

THE WATCHDOGS: RTA weighs hiring firm linked to House Speaker Michael Madigan

Daley: Chicago-area transit body is 'bureaucratic Frankenstein'

Emanuel questions RTA oversight in Metra patronage mess

Little clarified in marathon RTA session on Clifford resignation

In a six-hour hearing on Wednesday, Alex Clifford, the recently departed executive director of Metra, testified that Metra Board chairman Brad O’Halloran and board member Larry Huggins forced Clifford out of his job for not playing ball on several alleged instances of political patronage. O’Halloran and Huggins, meanwhile, offered a completely different version of events in their own lengthy testimony before the Regional Transportation Authority board.

Clifford to appear before RTA board

Ex-Metra CEO accused board members of pressing him to hire pals

Metra chairman says Clifford severance package necessary to prevent lawsuit

Brad O’Halloran, chairman of the Metra Board of Directors, said on Wednesday that the transit agency faced either providing former Executive Director Alex Clifford a severance package worth hundreds of thousands of dollars or defending a lawsuit that might “take years, [and] cost millions in attorney’s fees and time on the part of our employees.”