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Water district board approves payment for McCook Reservoir project

The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Board on Thursday approved a payment related to the McCook Reservoir initiative, a key component of the district’s Tunnel and Reservoir Plan. The plan is designed to prevent the flooding of homes and businesses in 125 Cook County communities.

Panel grants pollution waiver for Ill. coal plants

Damage estimate from Washington tornado doubles to more than 1,000 of town’s homes

State postpones permit for petcoke facility

Heavily-contaminated smelter site is Pilsen now clean, US EPA chief says

Illinois biggest atomic dump as U.S. fails to pick waste site

Kirk, Durbin, Davis, Bustos provision to improve Illinois locks and dams passes House of Representatives

McKinley Park tech firm aims to clean up green energy

Water district board approves watershed management ordinance

Objections lead Army Corps to drop plans for Didier Farms