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Delta Air Lines Chicago employees share in large profit-sharing plan

United Airlines joins Southwest in cancelling more flights because of the 737 Max

CTA tries to honor Black History Month with Abraham Lincoln impersonator photos: Tweet causes a frenzy, then deleted

New watchdog report faults both the FAA and Southwest for flying used planes with unconfirmed records

It’s no Cheap Trick: Amtrak service to Rockford and the Quad Cities is on the horizon

O'Hare still the nation's busiest airport; 737 Max grounding drags down Midway's numbers

O'Hare automated transit system could be back in April

Jane Byrne Interchange price tag has gone up again — the bill is now a quarter-billion more than initial estimates

FAA ready for Boeing 737 Max test flight within weeks, despite new software issue

Boeing finds new software bug on 737 Max