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No, you cannot ride an e-scooter on The 606 (but people are doing it anyway)

It's been less than a week and doctors are seeing injuries caused by rental scooters

New scooters racked up more than 11,000 rides in first weekend, city says

Noise walls going up along the Kennedy near Harlem, home to planes, trains and automobiles (these won't help with the planes)

Here’s how Chicagoans feel about the scooter invasion

Starting today, one lane is closed on inbound Ike, from Ogden to Halsted, until 2020

A Chicago scooter startup battles Bird and Lime as city pilot begins

Commentary: Chicago’s best future might be a train stop away

Southwest Airlines extends its Boeing 737 Max flight cancellations through Labor Day

Electric shared scooters arrive in Chicago on Saturday: Here's what you need to know