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North Terminal opens at new 95th/Dan Ryan CTA station

Paychecks for TSA workers at O'Hare, Midway in danger if federal shutdown continues

New Red Line stop next to ‘The 78’ shown to concerned South Loop neighbors

City opens part of Navy Pier Flyover and the 41st Street bridge today

In Chicago, electric scooters will be a good option for short trips, but CTA still beats them on price: Study

Illinois RTA sets budget, turns to search for long-term capital

New airport security screening technology coming to O'Hare

Aldermen, city officials to travel to L.A. for Elon Musk demonstration

CTA approves contracts that pave the way for $2.1 billion Red-Purple Line modernization

Elon Musk's tunnel to O'Hare moves just a bit closer to reality