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Public Safety

Illinois DOC says revised gun bill would still be costly

Study: More than race or poverty, social networks predict victims of fatal shootings in Chicago

'No guns allowed' sign starts to pop up in advance of concealed-carry law

New Chicago FBI chief specialized in terrorism cases

There isn't an app to reduce violence in Chicago -- but there could be

Hadiya Pendleton pivotal in gun debate say Sen. Kirk, Supt. McCarthy

If social media can fuel murders in Chicago, it can help end them, too

Emanuel, other officials call for stricter Illinois gun laws

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy and other city, county and state officials on Tuesday called for Illinois lawmakers to establish harsher punishments for gun crimes.


#crimeisdown: 'Meaningless' crime stats blasted by Lakeview residents

Illinois State Police releases official 'no guns' sign