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Public Safety

Active shooter drill held at Water Tower Place

Other Views: How Mayor Lightfoot can use the power of Chicago’s purse to create safer guns

IDOC to implement new policy to prevent arbitrary censorship of books

Editorial: Getting a handle on overtime for cops is overdue

Pfleger announces anti-gun rally in nation’s capital, slams ‘ignorant’ Ted Cruz

Parting words from departing FBI boss in Chicago: ‘Our corruption program is extremely busy. Expect more to come’

Labor Day violence: Shootings sharply up as fewer Chicago police officers deployed on streets than last year

The disturbing facts about elder abuse, and what the state is doing about it

Illinois State Police say 256 revoked gun license holders were brought into compliance within months. Tens of thousands likely remain.

BGA president accuses Lightfoot of failing to articulate crime-fighting strategy, leading to ‘very little progress’ stopping violence