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Mayor's Office

Lightfoot proposes allowing food trucks to remain in the same place for four hours

Lightfoot blocks effort to delay recreational marijuana sales in Chicago

Why Lightfoot's pot co-op idea might not work

Lightfoot says she’s working with Black Caucus to avoid bid to delay recreational pot sales; ‘I feel comfortable that we’ll get there’

Mayor Lori Lightfoot says she fired city spokesman over ‘professionalism’ concerns, scolds reporters: ‘Obviously (he) was your buddy’

Lightfoot wants Chicago to grow its own pot in weed co-op

Lightfoot plans to demand end to shut-offs and answers on ComEd lobbying scandal before renewing utility’s franchise agreement

The challenge in Lightfoot's new jobs plan

Mayor Lori Lightfoot names new Chicago Department of Transportation commissioner

Lightfoot denies she fired Eddie Johnson to make the case for an outsider as top cop