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Mayor's Office

Mayor proposes closing tax loophole benefitting property investors

Mayor Rahm Emanuel proposed an ordinance at Wednesday’s City Council meeting that closes a property tax loophole, a move he says could save the city about $2 million in tax revenue over the next two years.

The measure amends the city’s Real Property Transfer Tax ordinance to clarify that only lenders such as banks or credit unions – not investors – that are selling or transferring properties foreclosed upon are exempt from paying a property transfer tax.

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Chicago Riverwalk project seems a go

The federal government will give the city of Chicago a $100 million loan to extend the Chicago Riverwalk six blocks, a project that will connect the lakefront with downtown. 

“I want to make the Chicago River the next recreational frontier for the city of Chicago,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel at a press conference. Emanuel claimed that the project would generate 400 jobs, and catalyze small businesses from riverside restaurants to kayak retail shops.

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