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Mayor's Office

Lightfoot and ‘corrupt’ permit system that ‘perpetuates environmental racism’ blamed in Little Village demolition debacle

Lightfoot extends reprieve for motorists, businesses until June 1

Fact-check: Testing Lightfoot’s COVID-19 claim yields mixed results

Lightfoot backs up her COVID stance

Chicago making strides against coronavirus, data shows; Lightfoot says ‘we’re not where we need to get’

New Lightfoot video offers not-so-subtle reminder to complete 2020 census

Lightfoot’s decision to strip aldermen of control over permits at center of Little Village demolition controversy

Lightfoot to Hilco on Little Village demolition: ‘They own this’

Too early to make decisions on Chicago’s summer festivals, Mayor Lori Lightfoot says

‘Astronomical Feat’: Lightfoot Visits McCormick Place With 1,750 More Beds in Place