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Mayor's Office

Mayor Lightfoot announces audible pedestrian signals pilot; marks 29th anniversary of Americans with Disabilities Act

An extended conversation with Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Lightfoot taps new members for key development, immigrant aid posts

Immigrants’ rights advocates pressure Lightfoot to eliminate ‘carve-outs’ in Welcoming City ordinance; accuse Lopez of ‘stalling’

National FOP president demands that Lightfoot apologize for open mic put-down

Hot mic picks up Mayor Lori Lightfoot calling Chicago police union vice president an ‘FOP clown’

Chicago would stop suspending driver’s licenses for unpaid tickets and reinstate 57,000 under Lightfoot’s reform plan

Lightfoot defends methodical approach to ending city’s ‘addiction’ to fines and fees

Lightfoot's about to make a bad bet

Ahead of heatwave, Lightfoot warns: ‘Don’t leave your children in cars’