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Cook County

Cook County Commissioner Luis Arroyo Jr. says he intervened for ally in forest preserve parking ticket incident

Fraternal Order of Police accuses Preckwinkle of playing politics with violence and protégée Foxx of working ‘against’ cops

Preckwinkle complains to Lightfoot about her top cop’s ‘false narrative’ on crime: ‘It’s infuriating’

Preckwinkle purges — sheds $33,000-plus in campaign cash linked to Ed Burke soirée

Cook County Health considers hiring firm to review scathing OIG report

Senior citizens owed as much as $45M in unclaimed Cook County property tax exemptions

IG: Cook County needs revamp on sexual harassment outside of work following allegations against Preckwinkle ex-chief of staff

How did an inmate get a loaded gun into Cook County Jail?

An electoral and demographic analysis of Cook County's 7th Judicial Subcircuit

Commissioners set to appoint members of Census committee