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City Council

Ald. Arena returns 'improper' campaign contributions after investigation

Ald. Tim Cullerton: alley argument not 'proudest moment,' but not unethical

Wrigley redo nears city approval

The Chicago City Council zoning committee unanimously approved by voice vote on Tuesday a historic renovation of Wrigley Field as well as its surrounding area, and the project will go before the full City Council on Wednesday.

Wrigleyville Alderman Tom Tunney (44th) said at the meeting that he resolved with Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Cubs owner Tom Ricketts his remaining concerns with the project, namely a pedestrian bridge, the entrance of a planned hotel, and further outfield signage in the baseball stadium.

Mayor Emanuel and Tunney reach truce on Wrigley

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel stated Tuesday that he and Wrigleyville Alderman Tom Tunney (44th) resolved their differences on two previously outstanding issues related to rehabilitation plans for Wrigley Field and the surrounding area.

According to an Emanuel press release, the city and Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts will defer indefinitely the construction of a pedestrian bridge over Clark Street. Tunney had previously expressed concerns about the bridge.

Emanuel and Tunney also “agree that further discussion is necessary” on the best entrance to the boutique hotel.

City Council health committee OKs partnership that would bring oral health ed to CPS

The Chicago City Council Committee on Health and Environmental Protection on Tuesday approved a measure authorizing the city’s Department of Public Health to move forward with an agreement with the Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago to host AmeriCorps volunteers.

Ald. Moore gets White House award same day he admits talking to FBI agents

Budget committee approves additional funds for summer employment, reappointment of chief procurement officer

The Chicago City Council Committee on Budget and Government Operations signed off Tuesday on adding $871,000 to the city’s summer youth employment program. Under the funding transfer, the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services will send the funds to Chicago Public Schools for summer job programs for the district’s students.

Also at the budget meeting on Tuesday:

Tunney phone call inappropriate in sex shop biting case, city inspector says

Dip into TIF surplus to help schools, Progressive Caucus tells mayor

Opponents of coal tar sealant ban address Council committee

Members of the City Council’s finance committee on Friday heard from opponents of an ordinance that would ban in Chicago the use of coal tar sealants, a key product used to coat driveways and parking lots. The measure was introduced by finance committee Chairman Ed Burke (14th) and Alderman Will Burns (4th).

Coal tar sealants have been banned in Minnesota, Washington, Austin, Tex., South Barrington, and in some counties in Maryland, New York and Wisconsin.