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Exclusive: Ex-Metra CEO memo has explosive new revelations regarding Mike Madigan

Governor can't fire Metra board... yet

Madigan denies pressuring ousted Metra CEO over raise

Ex-Metra CEO accused board members of pressing him to hire pals

Bring back discounted 10-ride ticket, Metra boss says

Extra: Hearing slated on Metra CEO Alex Clifford $750,000 severance pay

Ex-Metra chief could get two raises for doing nothing

CEO severance controversy puts Metra board in harsh spotlight

RTA to investigate Metra CEO severance package; Board briefed on Ventra system implementation

At the start of Wednesday’s Regional Transportation Authority monthly board meeting RTA Chairman John Gates said that RTA staff will look into the severance package given to former Metra CEO Alex Clifford.

“Our staff will be looking into the approval of that,” Gates said. “It is certainly the purview of Metra to hire and fire who they please. However, the responsible use of taxpayer assets and the financial oversight and audit of the service boards is something that we’ll be looking into on this particular issue.”

Metra offering $5 unlimited ride ticket for Blackhawks rally