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Chicago Transit Authority

Mayor denounces state reduction in CTA funding as ‘wrong-headed’

CTA reduces absenteeism, but it remains problem

Which CTA honchos ride CTA?

Ventra system launches in August for some transit riders, CTA says

State budget cuts could cost CTA millions of dollars, transit officials say

Study: Low-income CTA Ventra customers likely to resist registering card, lose benefits

CTA, CPS enter Ventra partnership

Chicago Transit Authority President Forrest Claypool said on Monday that the new Ventra transit payment system will roll out as scheduled in August, but CTA has still not picked a specific date for introduction of the scanned card that will replace the Chicago Card and Chicago Card Plus and can be used as a debit card.

Claypool’s remarks came after a CTA board meeting where members signed off on a five-year agreement with the Chicago Board of Education to provide Ventra cards as student fare payment cards to high school students.

Theaster Gates chosen to design 95th Street CTA station artwork

CTA temporarily closing Kimball Brown Line terminal

CTA has lost 10 percent of rides on Red Line's Dan Ryan branch