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Chicago Transit Authority

Glitches hit rollout of CTA's Ventra card

CTA: All rail stations have at least one tracker

Metra pushes tax break for transit riders

RTA Board divided on CTA budget resolution

The Regional Transportation Authority Board rejected on Wednesday a resolution stating that the Chicago Transit Authority is “not substantially in accordance” with its 2013 budget.

Anthony Anderson, an RTA Board member representing Chicago, took issue with CTA getting formally rebuked by its parent agency as not being in “substantial” accordance.

“Substantial? I’m not even sure how that’s defined,” Anderson stated. “To say they are not in accordance, I just struggle big time with that.”

Metra 'jumping on board' with Ventra: report

Free first-day-of school rides available again on CTA for CPS students

Sneed: Quinn wants transit board members to serve for free

CTA’s ‘buck’ stops with Emanuel, Claypool says

Lawmaker wants to close 'Zuccarelli loophole'

CTA faces modest budget shortfall

The Chicago Transit Authority is $10 million short so far this year in its revenues meeting expenses, but CTA President Forrest Claypool said on Wednesday that there are “multiple options the next five months to close” the gap, and claimed that the shortfall is “just seven-tenths of one percent” of the overall operating budget.