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Chicago Public Schools

Hearings today on lawsuits against CPS school closings

CPS releasing more money to schools

CPS cuts into schools’ cellphone tower cash deals

LSC members organize against proposed 2013-14 CPS school budgets

A coalition representing approximately 30 Chicago Public Schools Local School Councils met on Tuesday morning at Blaine Elementary School to voice their displeasure with proposed 2013-14 CPS school budgets, which they say will result in major personnel cuts.

CPS hires 245 to pack up, move closing schools

CPS chooses meal provider, but competitor cries foul

Council’s Progressive Caucus warns ‘draconian’ cuts to CPS will reduce test scores

Kerry Wood Cubs Field takes first step toward cleanup of contamination

Byrd-Bennett calls CPS budget 'unsustainable'

Chicago Public Schools Chief Executive Officer Barbara Byrd-Bennett lamented on Wednesday the district’s “historic deficit of close to $1 billion,” claiming that CPS finances will be “unsustainable, untenable, and unfair” to students unless new revenue comes into the system.

Mayor Emanuel blames Legislature’s inaction on pensions for school budget cuts