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Politics and Elections

In blow to Preckwinkle, Federation of Labor stays neutral in mayoral runoff

Preckwinkle vows to keep Jackson, cracks the door open to retaining Johnson

Connected to Chicago: Lori Lightfoot

FIRST POLL: Lori trouncing Toni — CHUY’s campaign chief heads Lori’s team — BERNIE hits Chi

Preckwinkle, Lightfoot discuss strategy, personal lives

Preckwinkle begins the task of trying to demonize Lightfoot

Lori Lightfoot's new Chicago mayor's race ad repeats call for change

Pritzker to remain neutral in mayoral race: ‘My intention is to stay out’

In historic runoff, a battle for Chicago’s “progressive” future

Is Chicago as open-minded we want to believe? We’re going to find out