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Politics and Elections

Wisconsin state court judge rules against Trump lawsuit

IL Congressman Bost supports Trump lawsuit, but says to have ‘faith in our elections’

Guzzardi’s Fair Tax autopsy

As he heads for the exit, Lipinski mourns the disappearance of the political center

AP source says Rahm Emanuel’s prospects for spot in Biden Cabinet are not looking good

Biden’s victory cemented as states reach deadline for certifying vote tallies

Education was a key dividing line as a clearer picture of the presidential results confirms a few patterns in the 2020 vote

Georgia recertifies presidential election results after recount requested by Trump affirms Biden’s win in the state

In 2020, Cook County voters cast ballots for judges in historic numbers

Illinois election board certifies voting results, sending state’s 20 electoral votes to Joe Biden. Turnout neared 73%, the highest since 1992