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Politics and Elections

Teachers union on runoff in mayor's race: 'A beautiful day for democracy'

CTU's Jesse Sharkey thinks Rahm is finished in Chicago

Garcia 'very confident' he'll have the cash to compete against Emanuel

Now it's time for the real mayoral debate

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No rest for 'Chuy' Garcia

Candidates hope for late rush after low turnout early on Election Day

Election Day voter turnout in Chicago remained low through Tuesday afternoon, leaving some candidates hoping for a late rush of voters before the polls ultimately closed on Tuesday evening.

Shortly after 2 p.m., as the downtown area was hit with snow and high winds, the Aldertrack elections guide issued an email stating poll-watchers had reported an “exceptionally low turnout in many precincts” throughout the city. The organization predicted many precincts would not exceed a 20 percent turnout “unless the after-work crowd picks up in a big way.”


Election complaints include how to reheat food, the case of the missing furniture

What do today's aldermanic challengers want?

Chicago journalists say city would benefit from mayoral runoff

In the lead up to Tuesday’s municipal elections, there’s one common theme that’s been heard throughout Chicago media – do not let Mayor Rahm Emanuel win reelection without working for it.

Candidates running for Chicago office must receive over 50 percent of the vote in the Feb. 24 elections to be elected outright. If the leading candidate receives 50 percent of the vote or less, the top two candidates in that particular race will face off in April 7th’s runoff elections.