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Jury begins deliberations at Van Dyke's trial after prosecution and defense argue over evidence

Judge nixes $17.5M deal in collection calls class action vs Ocwen, says attorney fees too high

Appeals panel: Cook County judge wrong to toss class action vs LA Tan franchisee over customer finger scans

Live updates: 'The whole thing was shocking to me,' Jason Van Dyke says while testifying in his own defense

Ill. abortion law anniversary falls on day of Kavanaugh vote

Class action: Chicago skimps on paying retiring police officers their 'duty availability' pay

Class action: Caputo's Fresh Markets broke law when made workers scan fingerprints for punch clock

Besieged American unions face new conservative legal war

Lawsuit claims Chicago red-light cameras violate state law

Class action: Amcor Plastics violated IL privacy law by scanning employeee fingerprints